A Free Kiwi Directory for All Things Vegan.

Find local vegan eats. Plan a kiwi vegan roadie. Check what's available at your supermarkets. Register for a free account at Vegan Eats and get access to New Zealand's most comprehensive directory for all things vegan.

Being Vegan is Awesome. 
we want to make it easy. 

we're setting out to create the ultimate free vegan food resource for kiwis. vegan eats will be loaded with the latest Grocery product releases, local eats & menu items, as well as a directory of businesses that we can help support.

Vegan Eats Roadmap

By the end of 2021


  • Launch Online Business Directory doing nationwide deliveries
  • Launch Local Eats Database focussing initially on major cities
    1. Auckland
    2. Wellington
    3. Christchurch
    4. Rest of NZ
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