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9 Classic Kiwi Treat Recipes Made Vegan That Aren't Banana Loaf

Posted on October 12, 2021

Last Updated on October 12, 2021

Homemade Tim Tams (Vegan)

An irresistible treat loved by Kiwis and Aussies everywhere. Creamy malt filling sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits and coated in MORE chocolate - a chocoholic's paradise. Have a go at making this delectable treat at home or you can find this Free From alternative at your local Countdown.

Photo and Recipe by eightforestlane

Vegan Lamingtons

Everyone loves a good lamington and this recipe lets just about everyone enjoy them. Gooey jam sandwiched between two spongey layers - the perfect weekend snack.

Photo and Recipe by bodhirestaurant

Perfect Vegan Sugar Cookies (AKA 100s & 1000s)

This is such a fun recipe by our very own Sara Kidd! I LOVED hundreds and thousands as a kid - all the colour brings back a lot of joy and nostalgia.

Photo and Recipe by Sara Kidd

Banana Cake (Egg Free And Dairy Free)

Ok I may have mislead you with the title, but this is an absolute lockdown classic. Super easy, light and moist with just enough sweetness and is classified as semi-healthy... Ticks all the boxes.

Photo and Recipe by Chelsea Sugar

Vegan Pavlova

No longer will you have to get through summer without the quintessential Pav. Lovely crackly outside with a light and fluffy texture on the inside, topped with coconut cream and your fave summer fruits.... *chef's kiss*

Photo and Recipe by Delicious Australia

Easy Afghan Biscuits (GF + V)

This one's a safe bet for any occasion. GF + V and healthified by a Naturopath/Nutritionist. A levelled up treat that looks impressive.

Photo and Recipe by Ascension Kitchen

Gooey Caramel Slice (dairy free)

Another great recipe by NZ's new plant-based queen, Chelsea Winter. Gooey, chewy caramel layer between delight biscuit layer and decadent dark chocolate. Treat yourself.

Photo and Recipe by Chelsea Winter

Vegan Cheese Scones

Some people are just not born with a sweet tooth and while we don't understand it, we see you. Quick to whip up for meal prep or on a lazy weekend morning, these crumbly savoury scones have our thumbs up.

Photo and Recipe by Everyday Nourished

Vegan Anzac Biscuits

Last but not least. The Anzac biscuit. This is as homely as it gets.

Photo and Recipe by Lazy Cat Kitchen

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